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Award Arrow Kits.com is a division of Nature Watch. Since 1987, Nature Watch has been providing scout leaders, summer camp directors, naturalists and other outdoor educators with outstanding products to teach young people about nature and the environment. Learn more about Nature Watch here. Nature Watch has a long history of legendary customer service. We value our history and our relationship with our customers. We have always guaranteed our merchandise and your satisfaction.
Award Arrow Kits.com / Nature Watch customer Service is available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday.  (Our offices and warehouse are located in California.) If you have any questions, please call or e-mail. We always welcome the chance to assist our customers.

Our Story: Why We Created The Arrow of Light Kit
For many years, scout leaders would call us to order a pack of replica arrowheads and would explain how difficult, time consuming and expensive it was for them to purchase the other materials to create their award arrows. First, they would run around to many different craft and hardware stores and then they had the overwhelming task of trying to assemble pieces that weren't designed to fit together. 

We saw what a struggle it was for these scout leaders and we wanted to help them out! We knew we could create a high quality, low cost, do it yourself kit that would:
  • Save Time!
  • Save Money!
  • and be hassle free!
...and that's exactly what we did. Using all of our previous experience developing nature craft kits for Nature-Watch (which is the other part of our business), we put together an easy to use Arrow of Light Kit that includes everything you need for less than $10 per arrow. Over the years we have continued to improve aspects of the kit but always with the same goal: to provide a great looking, easy to assemble and inexpensive Award Arrow that your scout will be proud to display! And yes, our kit is Officially Licensed by BSA which means that a percentage of your purchase goes back to scouting.

We look forward to this Arrow of Light season and we are glad to help in your award planning!             

Sincerely, The Folks at Award Arrow Kits