Arrow of Light™ Cub Scout Kit

Arrow of Light™ Cub Scout Kit

  • Always In Stock and Ready to Ship!
  • $12.95 per arrow in multi-arrow kits!
  • Kit is Officially Licensed by BSA
  • Available in kits for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 (Kit for 4 pictured)
  • High Quality 2 - 2.5" Stone Arrrowheads
  • Easy to Apply Achievement Color Bands
  • Pre-Notched Dowels Ready for Arrowheads
  • Prepacked in even #s only so they are ALWAYS ready to ship!(see details below)
Item #
Makes: 1 Arrow (276g): $16.99
Makes: 2 Arrows (276d): $25.90
Makes: 4 Arrows (276a): $51.80
Makes: 6 Arrows (276e): $77.70
Makes: 8 Arrows (276b): $103.60
Makes: 10 Arrows (276f): $129.50
Makes: 12 Arrows (276c): $155.40

Licensed by the Boy Scouts of AmericaOur Arrow of Light Kit is Officially Licensed by the Boy Scouts of America®. This do-it-yourself kit contains everything you need to make your own Arrow of Light Awards! The Arrow of Light kit will save you time and money – no running around to buy all of the individual parts! Comes packaged in kits for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 award arrows. It is a scout tradition for Webelos to be presented with an Arrow of Light award (also called an Arrow of Honor award or a Career Arrow) as they graduate from Cub Scouts® to Boy Scouts™.

Arrow of Light Kit Includes:

  • Wooden Dowels: The arrow shafts measure 24" long x 7/16" in diameter. They are already professionally notched out to make your job of attaching the arrowhead much easier! Wood is unfinished so you can choose to leave it as is, or finish it yourself.
  • Arrowhead Replicas: stone arrowheads are hand-chipped from jasper. Arrowhead size ranges from approximately 2.25" to 2.5" in length and are specially made to fit into the notch in the dowels provided.
  • Sinew: Artificial sinew (one shared roll in each kit) looks realistic and makes it easy to attach the arrowhead to the arrow shaft. 
  • Feathers/Fletching: The feathers provided are real turkey feathers that have been dyed in traditional yellow and blue scout colors. They are each 5 inches long. We include 3 feathers per arrow, so each arrow will receive either 2 blue feathers and one yellow feather, or one blue feather and 2 yellow feathers.
  • Fletching tape: Fletching tape (one shared roll in each kit) is used to connect the feathers (or fletching) to the wood dowel and is much easier to use than glue.
  • Adhesive Color Bands: Colored vinyl looks great and comes on an easy to peel-off sheet. Comes in appropriate 1/4", 1/2" and 1" widths to indicate each scout's individual achievements. You will need to determine which of the color bands are appropriate for each scout. Don’t worry! We provide a chart to help with this.
  • Scout Leader's Manual: This manual includes detailed instructions on how to assemble your arrows, a chart indicating which color bands apply to which ranks and awards, an easy-to-use worksheet to plan each arrow, and a sample Arrow of Light ceremony script. You can download the sample script here.
  • Achievement Color Band Worksheet to record each scout and their achievements. You can download the worksheet here.

Assembling the kit arrows:

 Video: View step by step assembly instructions

Each Arrow of Light award will take around 15-20 minutes to assemble, depending on how many color bands need to be applied for each scout’s rank. The included chart and planning worksheet will help you easily figure out what color tape to apply! Completed Arrow of Light ceremonial arrows measure approximately 26" in length (from the end of the shaft on one side to the tip of the arrowhead on the other.)


Add a plaque to hang your arrow.

Red Oak Triangular Plaque that is 14" by 3.5" with a personalized name plate.

Print FREE, FULL COLOR, PERSONALIZED Arrow of Light Achievement Certificates

Print free full color 8.5 x 11 Arrow of Light Certificates.


Why are the kits available in even #s only? What if I have an odd # of scouts in my den? In order to ship quickly during the busy Arrow of Light season, we pre-pack all of our kits so they are always in stock and ready to ship when you place your order. To be efficient and to keep costs as low as possible, we pack the kits in even quantities. While it does mean that customers with an odd # of scouts in their den will receive an extra, it's nice to be able to make a sample or to pass along the extra to next year's den.


Arrow of Light™ Cub Scout Kit Reviews4.9 out of 5 stars (631 reviews)

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Excellent quality, craftsmanship and customer service! Received in a timely manner and the instructional video provided was easy to follow for a quick assembly. 15/10 would highly recommend! Will be using the arrow, engraved plates and certificates services again for the next batch of Scouting...Read More  


Great kit. It was nice to have a kit that had everything all in one package. The certificates are awesome too so the scouts can reference the color codes of the stripes. I will definitely order theses again when my next den is ready to build thier arrows. 


The arrows were easy to assemble. The directions were great and the Scouts LOVED receiving them. 


Great product and easy to put together. The arrows look great and the kids will be excited to get them 


Really nice arrows and easy to assemble. Our kids love them. Don’t forget to buy the ceremony feather to go with the arrow, it adds such a nice touch. Will definitely buy again next year. 


Awesome activity for the kids to build and keep to really review and showcase all the hard work they put into scouting! They were so proud of their achievements as they easily figured out which stripes to use. They also enjoyed putting on the arrowheads and the fletching was easy to put on. They...Read More  


These kits were great! Easy instructions to follow. The arrows I made for my AOL den turned out amazing! Love the printable certificates as well. Would recommend these kits to any other Pack/Den leaders. The scouts love them! 


Fantastic kit! I had 6 AOLs to make arrows for, and these kits were easy to use and a great bargain for the price. I was making plaques for my scouts and these arrows were the spark that made it pop. I saved some matching wood stain from my project to give the arrows a little darker show, and that...Read More  


This kit was easy to use. The materials arrived in good condition. The directions were easy to follow and materials were clearly labeled. 


These kits were great to commemorate our Arrow of Light scouts. They were cost effective (since we bought a bulk for our entire den) and were convenient to have all the parts. The included planning worksheet and link for instruction video were helpful for all the parents. We are very pleased with...Read More