Award Arrow Adhesive Color Bands (to stripe 1 arrow)
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Award Arrow Adhesive Color Bands (to stripe 1 arrow)

Price: $4.25
  • Compatible with both the new and old programs
  • Includes material for one award arrow
  • Designed for arrow shafts up to 7/16" in diameter
  • 1/4", 1/2" and 1" easy peel vinyl strips
Item #
Adhesive Color Bands (276x): $4.25

If you ordered one of our kits, these color bands are already included in your kit.

While our Arrow Kit is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your award arrows, some customers have already assembled their own arrows and just need the color striping from us. These color bands are a perfect solution for most people. Please see important details below!

Our striping kit is an easy and affordable way to stripe your award arrows with the correct colors and sizes to indicate each scout’s achievements. The vinyl color bands are brightly colored, durable, and adhesive backed (like tape) which makes them easy to apply.

Color Band Planning Worksheet

Please Note before purchasing:

  • Includes enough material to stripe 1 arrow (shaft must be 7/16” in diameter or less).
  • The vinyl material comes in the correct ¼”, ½” and 1 inch widths on an easy to peel off sheet.
  • Shipping: When purchasing just these color bands and no other items, the standard shipping charge for 1-4 of these is just $1.95. For 5-9 of these packs when shipped alone, the total standard shipping charge is just $3.45. (Expedited shipping is available. Please contact us for a quote to meet your timing needs.)

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These vinyl stickers are a great idea for easy-to-do honor arrows, with a few caveats. The stickers are easier to use (and less messy) than paint, and make it possible to show a wide range of activities and awards. They were clearly designed many years ago, before the 2015 revamp of Cub Scouting....Read More