Award Arrow Fletching (Makes 2 Arrows)
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Award Arrow Fletching (Makes 2 Arrows)

Price: $6.25
  • Includes fletching/feathers for 2 arrows
  • Real feathers dyed in traditional blue & yellow scout colors
  • Feathers are 5" long and approx 1/2" wide at widest point
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Includes: 6 Feathers (276t): $6.25

If you ordered one of our kits, these feathers are already included in your kit.

While our Arrow Kit is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your award arrows, some of our customers are already in the process of assembling their award arrows and just need to purchase the feathers/fletching.

This feather pack includes 6 total feathers (3 blue and 3 yellow), enough for 2 award arrows.  These are real feathers that have been dyed in the traditional blue and yellow scout colors.  Each feather is 5" long and about 1/2" wide at its widest point.

Please note that you will need to attach the feathers to the arrow shaft using either glue or tape.  We offer fletching tape which makes it easy to attach the feathers to your arrow - see below for details.