Face Paint Set for Scout Arrow Award Ceremony (for up to 10 scouts)
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Face Paint Set for Scout Arrow Award Ceremony (for up to 10 scouts)

Price: $9.95
  • Each pack contains one of each color pictured
  • Child-Safe, Non Toxic, Easy to Use
  • Enough for up to 10 scouts
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Includes: 1 each of 4 colors (276m): $9.95

Many scout leaders incorporate face painting into their Award Arrow Ceremony.  While there are no set standards for the ceremony, a common tradition is for blue, white, yellow and green streaks of facepaint to be applied to each scout as part of their crossing over.

This pack contains 4 sticks (1 each of blue, white, yellow and green) of child-safe, non-toxic and easy to use face paint. All you need to do is briefly dip the colored stick into water and apply. We carefully selected this particular facepaint because it is a mild soap-based coloring that dries quickly and does not smear; however, it is easily and quickly removed with soap and water. Perfect for children!

Blue represents the spirit of Cub Scouting. White is for the Scout Law. Yellow symbolizes the Arrow of Light. Green stands for the path toward Eagle as a Boy Scout™. Again, there is no "official" way to apply the facepaint but customarily 2 small streaks of each color are applied to the face of each scout.

This pack should provide plenty of face paint for up to 10 scouts to each receive 2 stripes of each color. If you are going to do more elaborate face painting, you will need 1 kit for every 4-5 scouts.

Click Here to See a Sample Ceremony that Includes Facepainting.


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These paints are Great! We purchased these recently for our AOL ceremony, along with the arrow kits and they worked great. So, easy to use just dip in a little water and add to the face. No running or smearing, no mess at all. It was almost like using a nice crayon. Then when everything was done it...Read More