Owl Pellet Dissection Project
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Owl Pellet Dissection Project

Price: $6.95
  • A great way for scouts to learn about food chains and food webs
  • Includes one sterilized owl pellet, tweezers, probe & magnifier
  • Download your own free bone sorting chart
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Owl Pellet Dissection Project (H400): $6.95

Owl pellet dissection is the study of what owls cough up after eating their prey. By studying these remains, we can learn more about the diet, behavior, and food chain of owls. Our Owl Pellet Dissection Project provides a great introduction to this fascinating subject.

This project includes: 1 Large Barn Owl pellet, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 wooden probe, and reproducible bone charts. Additional pellets sold separately.

Download a Free Owl Pellet Bone Sorting Chart