Stain Kit for Award Arrow Shaft (enough for 2 Arrows)
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Stain Kit for Award Arrow Shaft (enough for 2 Arrows)

Price: $2.45
  • Includes 1 brush and enough stain for 2 arrow shafts
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Kit: Stains 2 Arrow Shafts (276v): $2.45

While our Arrow of Light Kit helps you create great looking award arrows without stain, many customers have asked us to provide an optional Stain Kit so that they can make their arrows look that much more authentic.

We are excited to provide this low cost option that includes:

  • 1 one-inch wide disposable foam brush (6 inch length)
  • Enough child-friendly brown stain for 2 arrow shafts (the paint is washable and non-toxic)

The Stain Kit requires a little bit of advanced planning because staining the shaft will be the first step in the process of assembling your arrow. It will take about 1 day for the stain to dry.

Simply pour a small amount of stain on to a paper plate. Using the foam brush, apply the stain on to the arrow shaft as sparingly as possible. We find that it's best to apply a very light first coat (so light that some of the wood grain might show through the stain). Wait about 2 hours and then determine if you want to apply a second light coat, or perhaps just to touch up a few areas. The arrow will look most authentic if the stain isn't too heavy - a little bit goes a long way and the foam brush we provide does a good job of using very little stain to apply a thin coat. Wait 24 hours before assembling your award arrow to give the stain ample time to dry.

Here's an example of what a finished arrow looks like after using this Stain Kit:

A completed arrow with the arrow shaft stained darker brown.